Craft Educational Academy

Craft Institute of Engineering is proud to announce its association with Institute of Information Technology and Management (IITM). Recognised by the Government of India, Directorate of Employment and Training Modular Employable Skills (MES).

Craft Educational Academy

Craft Educational Academy is proud to announce that it’s an Authorised Representative of ADVANCE NATIONAL SAFETY INSTITUTE OF INDIA (ANSII)

Craft Educational Academy of HVAC Engineering (CEAHVACE)

General Introduction & Application of Air –conditioning system

  • Definition of AC system as per (ASHRAE)
  • Terms used in Ac and their definitions
  • General Components of AC and Refrigeration Machines
  • Basic Cycle and Description of Components of Cycle
  • Reading of Psychometric Charts
  • Manual and Software based calculation (E-20)

Types of Air conditioning system

  • Window a\c
  • Split a\c
  • Package a\c
  • Central a\c

Heat Load Calculation

  • Modes of heat transfer
  • Sources of heat in building
  • Calculation of total heat load
  • Calculation of temperature difference
  • Filling of e-20 form for heat load design as per ASHRAE standards
  • Reading of Civil Drawings
  • Project Completion (Residential or Commercial Building)

Selection of Fan Coil Units

  • All components are to be selected on Heat Load
  • Definition of fan coil unit (FCU)
  • Nomenclature of fan coil unit
  • Data required foe selection of FCU
  • Location of FCU

Selection of Air Handling Units

  • All components are to be selected based on heat load
  • Air handling unit definition
  • Types of air handling units(Horizontal /Vertical)
  • Difference between FCU & AHU
  • ventilation standards of various building with respect to duct sizing
  • Selection of AHU
  • data required for selection of AHU

Selection of Chillers

  • Definition of Chillers and Purpose
  • Types of chillers
  • Selection of chillers
  • Data required for the selection of chillers
  • Location of chillers


  • Preparation of Civil Drawings
  • Location of Machines on Drawings
  • Location of Chiller on Roof Top

Pipe sizing and Pump Selection

  • Selection drawing @ Pump Room
  • Selection drawing @ Chillers
  • Introducing to various fittings associated with Pump & Chillers
  • Pipe sizing @ Roof ,Floor , Risers , Pipe Material
  • Pump Head Calculation

Duct sizing

  • Duct definition and purpose
  • Shape of duct (Circular / Rectangular )
  • elocity Reduction Method
  • Equal Friction Method
  • Static Regain Method
  • Aspect Ratio (Width & Height )
  • Duct sizing using Ductulator
  • Single Line Diagram Preparation (Schematic Diagram)

Cost Estimation Method

  • Cost of Machine
  • Cost of Chillers
  • Cost of Pipes
  • Cost of Duct (GI-sheets)

Associates :

1. Gokul Degree College
2. B.R. College of Technology & Management ( BRCTM )
3. Institute of Information Technology and Management ( IITM )
5. Fortune Academy

Promotion of Admission :

1. Kakatiya State Open University
2. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
3. Acharya Nagarjuna University
4. Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam ( Women's University )
5. Singhania University
6. Gitam University